The Global Water Crisis

Looking Past ourselves and seeing the pain of others

According to the UN, nearly 2.5 billion people suffer from water scarcity and lack of basic sanitation– each year 6 to 8 million of these people lose their lives to contaminated water. The UN states that globally, 1,000 children die every day due to diarrhoeal diseases related to water and sanitation. This unimaginable way of life plagues so many and something must be done to help them. This major problem is an incredible opportunity to help so many people have access to even the most basic standards of life.

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Clean Water Made by You

VH Harmony

  • Perfect for Decentralized Homes


  • No more bottled water


  • Dual Purposed as a Dehumidifier

The VH Harmony is a device that will pull water vapor from the air and turn it into drinking water and we do this without a cooling coil. We use materials called desiccants that naturally attracts water vapor in the air and within a few minutes the accumulated water can be run through our filtration process to be used for drinking water. The VH Harmony potentially produces up to 3 gallons (11+ liters) of water per day, everyday. Water vapor is an abundant, locally available supply for clean water. The VH Harmony is a perfect device for anyone looking to integrate sustainable technologies, and it's beautifully designed to fit right into your home!


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Our Team 

Committed to making a difference 

 CEO & Co-Founder Cody Soodeen

CEO & Co-Founder
Cody Soodeen

 Cody Soodeen. Designer / Engineer  

             CEO & Co-Founder  

 Co-Founder  John P. Fox

John P. Fox

               John P Fox. Engineer



 Business Manager & COO  Michael Di Giovanna 

Business Manager & COO

Michael Di Giovanna 

      Michael Di Giovanna. Operations

             COO & Business Manager


Help Get us to Completion!

Over the past 5 years we've developed a water vapor harvesting technology to make a difference. We want to provide this device to the people who are in dire need of clean water and we need your help to make that possible. With your donation, we'll be one step closer to completing our development stage and soon be able to go into production. At this critical point, your donation will not only provide us with the means to bring this device into reality, but also truly make a difference in the fight against our global water crisis.  


100% of your Contribution will go towards the completion of the VH Relief


We'd love to have a CONVERSATION about potential partnerships and investment opportunities!

If you'd like to help bring the VH Harmony into reality - help so many people and make this world a better place, please contact us and let us know how you'd like to collaborate! 

We're also looking for mentors in:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Material Science
  • Financial Strategy
  • Manufacturing Process 

And we're always open to just have a conversation about however else you think you can help!

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