With Every Major Problem, Comes Major Opportunity to Help Others.  


Intuitive Design Firm Fox and Soodeen was created over two years ago. The founders, Cody Soodeen and John Fox, began collaborating over five years ago while studying architecture in University. Early on, they realized they weren’t learning to simply design buildings but to design solutions to any problem they focused their attention towards. Global warming, climate change, and environmental degradation have devastatingly affected developing countries and has led to severe water scarcity, contamination and hardship. Aware of the water crisis happening around the globe, they felt drawn to create a unique technology that will have the significant impact on the most amount of people. Over the next three years, they spent countless nights and weekends researching and developing this technology. With this understanding, in response, we’ve developed the VH Harmony and the VH Relief.


Our Team 

Committed to making a difference 

Co-Founder and CEO Cody Soodeen

Co-Founder and CEO
Cody Soodeen

 Cody Soodeen. Designer / Engineer  

             CEO & Co-Founder  

At 19, Cody wrote a university research paper on Vapor Harvesting and it permanently changed the course of his career and his life goals. An architect by training, but a humanitarian and environmentalist at heart, Cody strives to dedicate himself to the betterment of people. During his 4 years in the AECO industry, working with some of the largest names in architecture and engineering, deep down Cody had a desire to help people more than anything. This desire inspired him to work day and night, weekends and holidays until his dream become reality. Knowing that a talented and passionate team was crucial to making this difference in the world he start Intuitive Design Firm Fox & Soodeen where they now strive to design and create innovative solutions that will impact the lives of millions. Cody's drive and ambition makes him a vital team member of IDF.

Co-Founder John P. Fox

John P. Fox

       John P Fox. Designer / Engineer

                 CTO & Co-Founder

John Fox, Co-Founder of Intuitive Design Firm Fox & Soodeen, is a passionate man of science. An Architect by training and 7 years in the industry of carpentry and construction, John always knew he had a calling to something greater. For the past 5 years, John has continuously been a driving force for radical innovation at IDF. His unique ability to observe, comprehend and devise incredible insight to failures and shortcomings has been a crucial part in the company’s development. Dedicated to knowledge and innovation, John's affinity to think outside of the box makes him an invaluable team member of IDF.

Business Manager and COO Michael Di Giovanna 

Business Manager and COO

Michael Di Giovanna 

      Michael Di Giovanna. Operations

             COO & Business Manager

Michael, the Chief Operating Officer of Intuitive Design Firm Fox & Soodeen, spent 4 years serving in the United States Air Force as a Bioenvironmental Engineer Technician. In addition to serving his country, Michael is a Business Manager by training and has held many management responsibilities. Michael joined IDF because he believes he can truly make a difference in this world by pushing IDF forward with his knowledge and expertise. Since joining IDF, his contribution to the development of the company has taken IDF strides and bounds further. His ability to guide the business aspect of the company has been critical in the development IDF and will continue to take IDF passed each barrier it encounters.