VH Technology

We believed we could take desiccant technology and radically reinvent how its approached in an effort to increase its performance – and the results were incredible. 

+80% Increase in Performance 

Early Experiments

We began conducting experiments to determine if it was even possible to reinvent the current approach to desiccant technology. Most of our original test failed to prove that we could do so. Each time a test failed we learned what possibly caused the failure. One by one we overcame the issues we thought caused each failure and tried something new. Through rigorous refinement of failed experiments, we finally found success. Not only were we able to conduct a successful experiment, we were also able to successfully increase the performance of the desiccant. 

+320% Increase in Performance

Refined Experimentation 

Since our initial successes, we've been able to achieve greater and greater performances as we further refine our approach. Each time we conduct an experiment, we strive to approach the situation with a radically different perspective. By doing this we're able to achieve vastly different outcomes. We're then able to combine the best outcomes into a single experiment, and this typically leads to the best results. Likewise, we've also approached the situation with only minor refinements, which always leads to minor results.

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